AVG Ch3 Pg1

AVG c3p1

AVG Ch3 Pg1

Lilian personally trains Zaine! Now we’ll come to understand Zaine’s problems with shifting.

AVG Ch3 Pg0 “Wolves, Jackals, and Foxes”

AVG c3p0

AVG Ch3 Pg0 “Wolves, Jackals, and Foxes”

Hooray for Chapter 3!! Thank you for reading this far!

This is Zaine and Adrian from three years before AVG started! Chapter 3 will explore their backstory and give you a better idea of how these two got to Earth! We’ll learn why Zaine’s been bleeding so much and what crime Adrian committed that got him on the Ethodi’s most wanted list!

AVG Ch2 Pg20

AVG c2p20

AVG Ch2 Pg20

The end of AVG Chapter 2! Zaine’s gonna try to solve the problem he caused. Will shifting take a toll on him or will he take down Adrian?

Update Schedule Change:

AVG will now be on a bi-weekly schedule (still mondays!), because my second year of grad school started! Thanks for reading! 😀

AVG Ch2 Pg6

AVG c2p6

AVG Ch2 Pg6

Lilian and Hale! I enjoy creating their interactions so, so much! Hale’s in a good spot where he can question Lilian and not die.

AVG Ch1Pg1

AVG c1p1 fin


This page was drawn in March 2015 and my art’s changed a lot since then, but I still like it plenty! I remember being so proud of this and I always strive for an interesting opening to a story. I wanted to show a stark contrast in their situations and yet, they both could still be thinking this.

So here is our first introduction to Aliana and Zaine and things aren’t looking too good for them!