AVG Ch3 Pg0 “Wolves, Jackals, and Foxes”

AVG c3p0

AVG Ch3 Pg0 “Wolves, Jackals, and Foxes”

Hooray for Chapter 3!! Thank you for reading this far!

This is Zaine and Adrian from three years before AVG started! Chapter 3 will explore their backstory and give you a better idea of how these two got to Earth! We’ll learn why Zaine’s been bleeding so much and what crime Adrian committed that got him on the Ethodi’s most wanted list!

AVG C1p0 “We Must Be Lost”

AVG c1p0 fin

Welcome to AVG!

Hello everyone! I’m so glad you stopped by my webcomic: AVG! I started this comic back in April 2015 on AVG-c1p1 It’s much further along on there, but I’ve always wanted to make a website for it!

This is the beginning of Aliana and Zaine’s crazy little journey in the snow! “After Zaine crash lands on Earth, he and Aliana go on a mission to find him a coat, but they may have hit a snag. Will they find the coat? What the heck will they do next?”

If you don’t already read AVG on DeviantArt, I hope that you’ll enjoy it here!