AVG Updates!


I hope you’re enjoying AVG so far! I wanted to update you in regards to future updates of AVG. I’m a graduate student and my Spring 2018 semester is currently about three weeks underway. The work has been manageable so far and I’ve still been able to work on pages, but it has slowed down the process.

I was hoping to post a page on the Feb. 5th, but I won’t have it done by tomorrow. So I am going to set the updates to once every three weeks. This schedule will start on the 12th, with AVG Ch3 Pg5, the page originally set for this week.

I apologize for the delay and I hope you have a good day/night! Thank you for reading!



Hello and welcome to my webcomic AVG!

This is the story of Aliana and Zaine. I created this comic while goofing off in a Philosophy class haha. I wanted to be anywhere else and these two adventurers came about! AVG was very different when I started the first draft and I’m so happy with how its evolved!

AVG currently updates on Mondays!

This is my first official webcomic and it won’t be my last! I hope that you enjoy it!

-Hillary H